Homeostasis Alzheimer’s & Dementia - Premature Aging of Your Brain
Aug 09

Fu Zheng Therapy originated in China and simply means; supporting the body's own life force while undergoing radical western treatment for disease.

  • Roger explains that cancer doesn't have to be the scariest diagnosis in the world.
  • You will learn about some of the best diets for cancer and some alternative therapies that have been known to work.
  • You will also learn why the "War on Cancer is so ineffective.

With this valuable information, Roger teaches you how to protect as well as enhance your "Life Force" with nutrition, herbs and common sense.

Roger Drummer is a masterful teacher, world renown for his ability to impart his tremendous wisdom and knowledge.  He captures the essence of the energetic principles of Chinese herbalism, nutrition and lifestyle.

You can learn more about Roger at www.RogerDrummer.com

For more information on Roger's latest formulation TianChi which means "Heavenly Energy", go to www.TryTianChiNow.com


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